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My name is Emily. I am 20 and I live in Australia. This is an anti-cap blog.

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Orca or Killer Whale (Orcinus orca) travels down opening leads of ice, making deep dives under ice to hunt Antarctic Cod, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica by Norbert Wu  / minden pictures


New art in Miami, created by sick_qirl on Instagram.


997 and IS153 in west iceland identified by Icelandic Orcas

To this blog they are important because 019/’Mousa’s Icelandic ID is 997, The male whale photographed beside her in this image currently has no northern isles ID. 



first lulu and now indigo. the southern residents are not having a good year, especially due to the lack of babies.


One from today…working through the rest. Mike (J26) and his mama, Slick (J16) passed right off the bow as we were shutdown and drifting. Mike is clearly trying to accessorize. ;)


August 11, 2014 Whale Watching trip with Island Adventures Whale Watching out of Anacortes, WA


The new Gibraltar baby is not even a month old and already shows its playful and independent side under the watchful eye of its mother Corsica (Oo_Gib_018)! :)

So cute!

Picture Copyright Turmares Tarifa


Little Spy, Big Spy

Tilikum and Trua, taken on 6/27/14. 

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