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My name is Emily. I am 20 and I live in Australia. This is an anti-cap blog.

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Pro caps, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim that the care is better now and that death rates are slowing and then when an animal does die, sit around and talk about how it happens in the wild all the time anyway. 

A wild whale would not have been inbred like Vicky was so there’s your god damned problem. She was inbred and her mother rejected her. That’s a recipe for disaster. This is NOT a situation that would be comparable to a wild situation as the inbreeding would not have been a factor. If she was bred to compatible parents and raised properly there is every chance she would have survived. 

Her parents were let to breed when they were not compatible. The inexperienced staff were unable to handle the situation. An animal died as a result. And there’s no escaping that SeaWorld are part to blame here so you can’t dodge the bullet and put it all on Loro Parque. SeaWorld sent a bunch of extremely young, unstable whales on a breeding loan to a shitty park with the full knowledge that they were related. They tore the females away from their mothers at a young age, before they had even learned what it was to be a mother themselves. There’s no escaping that fact.

Obviously unless we see her necropsy we may never know the exact cause of death, but it’s been fairly obvious since her birth that something hasn’t been right. This death is the result of captivity. And I say that with almost certainty. You can’t brush it under the rug and say it isn’t a valid point for the failure of captivity to provide adequate care as ‘babies die all the time’. 

This is a perfect example of captivity failing.

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